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Set up

First steps

  1. Unzipp zipped folder “lasorciere-themepack”. View inside zipped folder “lasorciere”. Install it into (do not unzip).
  2. In the Dashboard look at the very top, you’ll see white notification:
  3. This theme requires the following plugins: Audio Widget, Contact Icons Widget and WP Gallery Shortcode.
    Begin installing plugins | Dismiss this notice

    Install them one by one, go to Plugins, activate. Do it once.

  4. Go to Appearance—Menus, tick «Display locations». This is important for displaying submenu items as shown on demo.
  5. Go to Customize, click Site Identity, write in site title, tagline and click Site icon. Upload some small pic, it is favicon. Publish.
  6. Stay in Customize, click Background Image, upload it, adjust background image settings. Publish.
  7. Stay in Customize, click Logo, upload it. Publish.
  8. Staying in Customize, upload some default post image clicking «Default Post Image». In case you’ll have no Featured image, the Default one will appear instead.


Create your first post by clicking «Add New Post» under «Posts». Insert content into Tiny MCE, add new category, tags and upload featured image (if needed). Publish post.

Other settings

Go to Users, add description to Biography. Set up number of posts you wish to be populated on Home page. Select gravatar.

Contact Sliding panel

You already activated Contact Icons widget. Now, go to Appearance—Widgets and drag it onto «Contact Sidebar» area. Insert your social profile URL and Sosa icon font symbol corresponding to social icon. (For reference: symbol «v» is for Facebook, symbol «Ć» is for Google Plus, symbol «8» is for website and so on. You may add as many widgets as you need. Each widget is per social profile.
Important! Return to Menus, click «Custom Link», insert # (hash). Click «Screen Options» and tick «CSS Classes». Insert class «btn-slide».
Add this custom link to Menu Structure and save menu again.

Set up music player

Go to Widgets and drag Audio Widget onto «Audio Sidebar» area. Insert track name or other text and mp3 URL. You may use only one widget here.

Main sidebar

Drag any of default widgets onto «Main Sidebar» area.

Archives Page

You may also add Post Archives page to your website. It is optional though. To do that, create new page (Pages->Add New) and select «Archives Page» template under Page Attributes. Publish the page. Return to Menus and add this page to Menu Structure as well. Save menu again. Archives will be populated automatically.
Here it is, you are done with setting up your website based on «La Sorciere» WP theme.

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